About John

John Groves is a preacher, teacher and author of ‘The Foundations Course – an introduction to Christian Living.’ He and his wife Marian are based in Winchester, Hampshire.

After 40+ years in church leadership and now semi-retired, he continues to mentor and serve other churches and their leadership teams among the Commission family of churches in Newfrontiers.

John is passionate to see Christians rooted and grounded in truth, understanding the good news about Jesus and His amazing grace. John longs to see spiritually healthy people and churches, empowered by the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Foundations for Pastors

Foundations for Pastors is a store of wisdom drawn from over 40 years’ experience in church leadership. You will find here an inspiring, biblically rooted and practical guide for pastoral ministry. The book addresses many relevant issues and it does not shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of pastoral leadership. You’ll find its pages are coloured by personal testimony and wise advice.

Foundations for Pastors can be read on its own, but is ideally read, studied and discussed with other pastoral leaders. It provokes thought, discussion and prayer.

Foundations Book

Every Christian needs good foundations in their life. Along with accompanying videos, this book focuses on these foundations, brought together in six helpful units.

The teaching in Foundations was originally developed within the context of a local church and, over the years, has been delivered all over the world in a number of ways and a wide variety of settings. Whether run as a 6 week course for a group or through a one-to-one discipleship relationship, the easy to follow sessions, supported by biblical truth, make this course an essential addition to every Christian’s journey.